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Elementary Sports League Guidelines

"Principals are required to identify the coaches for their teams in September before the upcoming season and to provide for their remuneration in the school budget."


Coaches must begin scheduling the prospective team members’ physical examinations with the school nurse in September

(Students will need to go to their respective health care provider and get a physical).


Each student must have a physical and receive medical clearance prior to beginning practice with a league team.


To qualify for the league, each team must have a minimum of 10 fully certified students. 


All student athletes must be enrolled in the school that they represent. 


Students in the gymnasium must be under the

coach’s supervision at all times.

It is the daily duty of the coach to make sure that each Student  completes the COVID-19 Screening Form before practice and 2 hours before their scheduled game.


Prospective volunteers in the league (whether Newark Public Schools employees or not) must be approved by the school principal and by the Office of Extended Learning Time.  A Volunteer Form must be completed and kept on file at the OELT. 


Appropriate footwear (sneakers, athletic shoes) must be worn by all league participants, including student athletes, coaches, assistants, etc.  Street shoes may never be worn in the gym!


All head coaches must be certified teachers or certified substitutes of the Newark Board of Education, and must be approved by the school principal and the OELT.


It is the daily duty of the coach to make sure that no hazardous conditions exist before or after practice, e.g. no equipment in the playing area, no slippery areas on gymnasium floors, etc.


The coach is responsible for informing the principal and the Office of Extended Learning Time of any unsafe and/or hazardous conditions.


 A permit must be obtained for any practice sessions that are conducted in the gymnasium before   

       school hours, on weekends, and holidays, etc.


 Coaches must have the Student Information Forms with them at all times in case of an 



 Any student who uses profanity or is involved in a physical altercation before, during, or after a  game will receive a two-game suspension for the first offense.  A second offense will result in 

expulsion from the team.


 The coach must accompany the team on the bus to and from each game.  Non-compliance to this 

       policy will result in administrative disciplinary action.


 Only the coach, assistant coach, the players, the Cheerleader Advisor, and the cheerleaders, are allowed on the team’s bus.  No other students, parents, or friends are allowed to ride on the  team’s bus.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in administrative disciplinary action.


 The coach is responsible for the behavior of students on the bus to and from games.  Inappropriate  behavior of any student will result in a two-game suspension for that student.


The use of an ineligible player will result in the loss of the game, a fine, and/or suspension of the 



 The coach is a role model for the student-athletes.  Inappropriate behavior by the coach at any time,  

       i.e. profanity, verbal/physical abuse of a student, etc., will result in administrative disciplinary action.


When a coach wants to grieve any incident or occurrence, the grievance must be filed within 48 hours of that incident or occurrence.


During a game only one volunteer

can be on the team bench at any given time.


During games, if a team has a 20 point lead then the clock goes to running time until the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half only.


Half-time for games is 10 minutes.   The clock must stop after all free throws throughout the game.


 Coaches who coach the girls’ and boys’ teams are required to have another certified person accompany them to and from games.


The Elementary Sports League mandates 60 hours of instructional practice. The league officially runs for 10 weeks.  Coaches are required to provide 10 weeks of instructional basketball techniques.    If a coach does not meet this program requirement his/her pay will be docked accordingly. 


If a team must forfeit a game due to the fault of the coach, as determined by the Office of Extended Learning Time, that coach’s pay will be docked accordingly.  If a game is officially canceled, the coach is not responsible.



I have read, and understand the Elementary Sports Leagues’ Policies and Regulations and the Guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Administration Support

Elizabeth Aranjo

Director Health and Phys Ed, Office of Physical Education 

J. Bello

Director, Office of Extended School Day Program


Certification Team

Julian Hines

Elementary Sports Support

WEBEX (Virtual Room): 

Mark Tonsul

Cheer & Dance Support

L. Tonya Johnson

Certification Support

Peggy Lopez

Certification Support